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Rca tube date code

Rca tube date code

Here is the list with ALL of the 3 digit device codes for RCA Universal Remotes 3 Digit Universal Remote Control Code List For RCA Remote Controls Abex Admiral, ,, ,, ,, Adventura 3 Digit Universal Remote Control Code List For RCA Remote Controls. Abex Admiral, ,, ,, ,, Adventura Aiko Akai Alleron, Amtron Anam National, ,, , AOC, ,, ,, , Apex, , Audiovox Belcor Bell & Howell, ,, ,, Bradford Broksonic, ,, Brokwood Candle.

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What features on this rca tube date code. Filipino4u is a newly updated daily.

How to Spot Super Rare 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes part I

Siemens later used metal tags inside the tube on the getter support in which the code was stamped. Here is an example of a Siemens tube with the metal tag factory and date code. These mostly came into use after The Siemens tag codes followed the same convention as the codes on the glass, in three lines of two characters each. Remember, this code element follows the tube type code and the change code, which are always the first two codes in the date code sequence.

This code is really only necessary if the factory label becomes rubbed off of the tube, so you can tell what tube you have. Most audiophiles are concerned with date codes and, to a lesser extent, the factory code.

This is for reasons of finding tubes that could be put together in matched pairs. It is more likely that tubes from the same date code and factory will match up better than tubes from different batches and factories.

But it is nice to have these codes available if you are not sure what type of tube you have.

Thanks to local hero @theprofessor, I rediscovered the article by Ludwell Sibley about RCA date codes. A couple of years ago, I cleaned up. HI All: Sibley writes: "The 'etched' octagon giving the [RCA] tube type carried breaks indicating the year and month of manufacture ". Anyone know how to. Welcome to Thermionic Radio Supply, your source for reliable tested vintage thermionic vacuum tubes. With few exceptions the tubes I offer are double tested​. FABULOUS MATCHED PAIR OF RCA RED BASE PREAMP TUBESAbsolute unused NOS! Matching date codes! Actual tubes and boxes shown!

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