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Moses staff carbon dating

Moses staff carbon dating

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Also called the Mountain of God, it was here that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, revealed the holy laws and instructed him to make the Ark of the Covenant. According to the book of Exodus, when the Israelites arrive at the Mountain of God Moses uses his sacred staff to create a miraculous spring.

Here, a moses staff carbon dating of British and Jordanian archaeologists has recently excavated the remains of an ancient Hebrew sanctuary dating from the very time Moses is thought to have lived.

Remarkably, in the nineteenth century a tomb was discovered there that may actually have been the final resting place of one of the historical Moses figures. Inside, along moses staff carbon dating other artifacts, was a year-old staff inscribed with hieroglyphics identifying its owner as the court official Tuthmosis, the very man Graham identified as the first Moses.

He believes that it was the second Moses who was buried in the tomb, the staff having been inherited by him when he became the leader of the Israelites. The staff is now in the Egyptian gallery of the Birmingham Museum in England and, after careful research, Graham is certain it is the actual staff that the Bible asserts Moses used to perform the miracles of the Exodus.

Archaeological Evidence for the Early Date of the Exodus (Part One): Digging for Truth Episode 43

"A study out of Cornell University calls into question the standards associated with the carbon dating method used to date archaeological. In The Moses Legacy, Graham Phillips takes the reader on an exiting journey into It was here too that God infused Moses' staff with the power to bring down the Hebrew sanctuary dating from the very time Moses is thought to have lived.

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