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Dating thailand coins

Dating thailand coins

5 BAHT Thailand COIN

Evidently all Thai coins recently minted are in this category. The rule for date conversion is as follows: Year AD = Year BE – And vice versa: Year BE = Year. Thai Date. Example:, ๒๕๔๑,, Country: Thailand; Denomination: 5 baht; Year: ๒๕๓๘ ⇆ Coin:: Thailand 10 baht Country: Thailand. READING THAI DATES Do you have problem reading dates on Thailand coins? Well, your problems are now things of the past!!! Just follow these easy steps.

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All coins from Thailand, presented with pictures, descriptions and more useful information: metal, size, weight, date, mintage Coins from Thailand. All issuers Abkhazia Afghanistan Aksum Albania Albania Shkodër, City of Algeria American Samoa.

This practice was in use until the middle 's, and Quaker records reflect their use in their records.

When the conversion occurred many dates began using both systems, because it was unknown which the author was using, therefore, double dates appear for any date recorded between January and March for any year before The difference in dating systems is listed below.

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