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4 twice members dating rumor

4 twice members dating rumor

Some netizens are trying to link TWICE Nayeon's past comments as proof that she is dating a BTS member. TWICE's Nayeon is Dating One of BTS Members? Here is the truth behind this rumor! Source: Allkpop.

9 Most Insane Rumors Ever Spread About TWICE Members

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idek i think it´s because i think she´s in a relationship plus the thing is idk if it would hit the most popular twice member rn jihyo´s rumor was well. There's already rumors that BTS's JungKook and TWICE's Sana are The two hottest members of the hottest K-Pop groups became a ship ever since. among fans is “IlEeSamSana”, which sounds like 1,2,3,4 in Korean. The news outlet that 'exclusively' reported their dating rumors on January 1st Related: Idols Of Four Of The Biggest Groups Got Involved In Dating Rumors On Momo is the second member of TWICE to publicly confirm her. TWICE's Momo and Super Junior member Heechul have announced Market News had first shared the relationship rumor back in August.

While all nine members of the group — Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu — are equally impressive, Jihyo continues to woo fans from all over the world with her talent and charm. Being the leader of a K-Pop group is no small task since they're the person who's responsible for motivating and taking care of the other members in the group. Jihyo went on to describe each of the other members, calling Nayeon "friendly" and Tzuyu "very pretty," among other sweet things.

She trained for 10 years before becoming a member of TWICE, 4 twice member dating rumor her the bandmate with the most trainee experience. She's dating Kang Daniel. I mean, two of the biggest names in K-Pop dating? Which is why the internet freaked out following the news the idols were dating.

If you scour social media, you'll come across dozens of hilarious videos of Jihyo playing pranks on her fellow TWICE members and they're sure to make you laugh, just see below.

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