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Dating site xx roman francez

Twenty-five kilometres east of Nimes, beside the village of Remoulins, is one of the surviving wonders of the Roman world, the magnificent Pont du Gard aqueduct, the highest and best preserved aqueduct of the Roman world. Little remains standing in Glanum, except the unusual mausoleum of the Julii, and a finely sculpted triumphal arch, both of which have finely preserved Roman sculptures.

After Nimes, Arles has the best collection of Roman remains of anywhere in France, and notably its large and finely preserved Arena. Close to the arena is a Gallo-Roman theatre. Other Roman sites in Arles include the Alyscamps, a Roman necropolis, and remains of a Roman aqueduct.

From Arles, it is 35 km back to Nimes One other interesting Roman site is the Pont Flavien, a Roman dating site xx roman francez with two triumphal arches. More Roman sites in the south of France Fine Roman sculpture on the triumphal arch at Orange Among other surviving Roman sites in the south of France, the best are to be found in or near the Rhone valley, the great line of communication from the Mediterranean to northern France and Europe.

The best Roman remains in other parts of France Autun Burgundy Two impressive Roman city gates, and the remains of one of the largest Roman theaters in Gaul.

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